Shopping in Karaikudi

Holidaying is not just a time to explore the places, meet new people, understand new culture and unwind oneself, it is also about going on a shopping spree; buying things that you may never come across again. Not all places you visit offer such luxury for the shopaholics; however, Chettinad is one such place. To be exact, Karaikudi in the Chettinad region is the place to be if you are seriously considering to grab more than a couple of things to take back home.

The affluent and vivid markets of Karaikudi have its history tracing back to the times of the Chettiar community. Some of the shops that you encounter have been handed down to the current owner over generations. If you are expecting to observe a market like the ones that you might have seen elsewhere in India, prepared to be amazed; the markets here are huge mansions that adorn Italian marbles, doors made of Burmese teak, teak pillars and ornate sculptures.

If you do not have any intention to buy anything, browsing through these markets relishing these invaluable possessions of the people of Chettinad is an experience in itself. Though Chettinad used to be the land of the Chettiars, most of the families have migrated to various parts of the country and other foreign countries. As a result, most of the prized possessions of these families have ended up in these shops waiting for their turn to be sold and taken away.

There are several antique shops in Karaikudi, as well that sell antique items collected from the ruins of the Chettinad mansions and other families who have left their mammoth mansions. There are about 25 antique shops in Karaikudi. For people who seriously consider buying certain items will definitely find what they are looking for at a good bargain. Due to the sheer number of shops selling identical items, the competition is relatively high at the market. As a result the sellers would never like to lose their customer due to the price. If it is your lucky day, you might be able to grab hold of several antique and priceless items imported from such diverse countries as Japan, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and England.

The saree market in Karaikudi is another excellent place to both experience the artistic prowess of the people of Chettinad and buy a few sarees that are unlike anything you might have bought or worn before. You can also get a saree woven with all the customizations you need. You can get some of the best, most durable and top-notch sarees from the saree market in Karaikudi, for sure.

The tile market is another place where you can get handmade, sun-baked and ornated tiles that have a character of its own. The sheer beauty, longevity and quality of the tiles drive people from every nook and corner of the country to buy Athangudi tiles.

The shops that sell these items procured and bought from the Chettiar families that left Chettinad and form the conventional antique market. Though the market of Karaikudi is all live, buzzing and active, the plight of these impeccable artworks and pieces can sometimes break the hearts of people who love art.