Chettinad Weddings: An Affair Of Good Food And Community Living

Every Chettiar household would be planning at least one of their child’s wedding to be held in the family house; registered at a village temple.

And marriage is the grandest celebration in a Chettiar family. The least period of the celebration is three days, otherwise it can well extend into a full-fledged six-day affair of great food and community living. As a community, the Chettiars are conservative and believe in going through the custom of gift giving for the well-being of the newly married. The bride’s trousseau would be famous for the sheer number of items in all forms of gold, silver and steel.

When it comes to food, the Chettiars are famous for spoiling their guests. A 7-course meal is usually called for at a typical wedding. The people of Chettinad have never shied away from having meat dishes for weddings, which is rare when compared to the rest of South India. However, they do tend to abstain from beef and pork for cultural reasons. From the flavoursome chicken curry and mutton biriyani to unique desserts like paal panniyaram, a Chettinad wedding feast is truly something worth trying. At Chidambara Vilas every meal we prepare is akin to a Chettinad wedding feast and follows the quintessential Chettinad style of cooking. We do our best to serve our guests well.

We at Chidambara Vilas invite you to spend some quality time with close family at our 110 year old heritage Chettiar home for this very important time of your life.

All our 25 comfortable air-conditioned is an elegant recreation of the old glory of Chidambara Vilas. The history of this house extends back to 1907 and is said to have taken 7 years to complete. The result is an enthralling experience. When you enter Chidambara Vilas, you would be walking on tiles from Italy, be received by grand teak-wood pillars imported from Burma, while Belgium lights and exquisite chandeliers from Daman and Diu light the exquisite interiors of this palatial hotel.

For over 3 years of restoration, we wanted to prepare this mansion for the 21st century with all modern amenities. Now you get to experience one of the best examples of authentic Chettinad experience that would hopefully provide a beautiful background to your memories.

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