Rural Tourism in India

On February 20, 2013

Rural Tourism in India

Rural tourism is a novel concept in the field of tourism and hospitality. In a way it serves as a part of the wider trends of cultural and Eco tourism with special focus on participation in the rural life style.

India is a country of many languages, cultures and identities with each cultural strand having its own unique customs, traditions and mannerisms. Experiencing all these once took a life time, but the advent of rural cultural tourism lets one experience first hand the life in Indian villages.
Refresh & Unwind

The stresses of urban life can have a distinctively negative impact on our mental and physical health and thus for many the idea of escaping the maze of the city landscape to the pristine beauty and silence of a village becomes an appealing prospect.

Activities during a typical holiday in a rural tourist setting include, but are not limited to:-

  • Overnight stays.
  • Daily meals and snacks which reflect on the traditional cuisine.
  • Daily trips/picnics
  • Feeding farm animals
  • Farm Stays
  • Harvesting the local produce (fruits and vegetables)
  • Holiday and special festival celebrations
  • Taking part in local customs and traditions
  • Learning a new craft/making handicrafts.

Benefits to the community

The villagers also benefit from tourism greatly as for many it acts as a window to the outside world and for the rest it brings in a much needed flow of cash.

The villages themselves are under the threat of urbanization and as a result many villages risk losing their rural identity. Rural tourism is something that can reverse this trend of urbanization as it brings in much needed development and wealth to the villages without altering their rural character.

Rural tourism goes beyond just visiting the villages and experiencing their life style. It also provides significant opportunities for marketing the produce of the villages including their traditional food and cuisine, handicrafts, textiles and other products.
Learn & Experience

Many of our villages are treasure troves of ancient wisdom, languages and art forms which are traditionally handed down through generations. Some of these unique treasures are on the verge of extinction and requires renewed interest and new practitioners in order to stay alive. This is another area in which tourism gives out a helping hand.

In India the potential for rural tourism is immense, with 74% of its population living in 7 million villages, the discovery of this ancient land must start with experiencing its rural life style. In return the tourism industry will pay back to the community in the form of increased revenue and improved infrastructure facilities.

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