Art and Craft of Chettinad

Chettinad is one of the best tourist spots for people who want to experience and tread on different trails than the ones normally walked on by everyone else. With its rare culture, artistical and architectural builds, diverse cuisines and countrified setting, Chettinad is that rare tourist destination you have long been craving to visit. Of the several aspects that make Chettinad an excellent tourist destination, such as the buoyant mansions, flaxen streets, colourful festivals and delectable cuisines, an important aspect that tethers itself to the cultural bequest of Chettinad is the arts and crafts one can savour here.

Peering through the streets of Chettinad will definitely soothe you that you have indeed come to a rare place you wanted to see for a long time. Chettinad is the land the Chettiars—an affluent community of merchants, traders and money lenders who did everything in their capacity to make Chettinad a land of prosperity, affluence and arts and culture.

Arts and crafts have always been a part of the lives of the Chettiar community, and it might take a while to find a community in South India that has nurtured arts and crafts as much as the Chettiars have. As a result, Chettinad has quite a few surprises in the form of arts and crafts up its sleeves to welcome the visitors with.

The most striking feature that every visitor will find in Chettinad is the myriad of wooden furnishings, décor items and beautifully ornated ceramic collections, all of which belong to different countries across the world from Europe to Southeast Asia.

The temples in Chettinad are another exceptional bounty that will astonish you with all its artistical carvings and artworks. All of these together manifest the glorious days of Chettinad when the community reigned in its prime. The Periya Veedu of Chettinad is another magnificent mansion rich with several arresting architectures and artistic expressions carved on wooden doors and pillars.

If you want to pick some of the best local arts, wandering through the streets is the best option can make use of. There are several shops that sell several art pieces at good bargains. These shops associated with the artists directly to procure the pieces and hence, what you can get here may not be available anywhere else at the prices you can get here. If you turn lucky, you can also collect really antique souvenirs for your loved ones from Chettinad.

Chettinad is also a place where incredible sarees are woven. The intricate patterns and artwork that can be seen on the sarees are a testimony of the incredible art and craft that runs through the Chettiar culture. Beautifully painted pots and palm woven baskets are a great part of the lives of the people here.

The tiles ornated with beautiful drawings and colour palettes are another thing to experience the artistic prowess of the people here. The tile factory in Chettinad is famous for some of the best and highly sought after tiles in the whole country.

Chettinad’s artistic affinity is in its great display on the wooden doors and ceilings; elaborated artworks depicting stories from Indian epics and the Hindu mythology form the base for artistic expression in Chettinad.