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  • Vairavan Kovil Temple

    The Nagarathar Chettiars of the Chettinad region were once a very rich and prosperous clan of merchants who have been into trading with the far shores of south-east Asian countries since as far back as 8th century CE. With the wealth acquired, they built opulent mansions and eventually became powerful money-lenders.Earlier, there were 96 settlements of these Chettiars with each village having its own temple for worship; now, only 74 of these villages remain. Karaikudi is the main town for this community and there is a beautiful temple located nearby. The temple is known as Vairavan Kovil. It‚...

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  • Hill Temples in Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu is famous for its temples with many going back to ancient times. This southern state is also a favorite pilgrimage spot for Hindus from all over. Not only will you find huge temples with spectacular sculptures and carvings, but you will also find awe-inspiring carved cave temples, with many being built on top of hills. One wonders why they were built in such remote out-of-the-way areas…. It could be because only the very devout would make the effort to climb up high to offer worship or it could be that meditation and prayers are more sincere when offered in the quiet hills away f...

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