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  • Athangudi Periya Veedu

    Chettinad is a region composed of several villages in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu tucked comfortably between the cities of Madurai and Trichy—two of the busiest cities of the state. It is indeed true to say that time in Chettinad is very reluctant to pass. It is one of those rare places that take you back and forth in time when you move around the streets. Perhaps this time-jumping magic of Chettinad is due to the presence of large houses that remain closed, unexplored and gathering dust creating shades of sepia layers. One of the most interesting elements to experience in Chettinad is...

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  • Art and Craft of Chettinad

    Chettinad is one of the best tourist spots for people who want to experience and tread on different trails than the ones normally walked on by everyone else. With its rare culture, artistical and architectural builds, diverse cuisines and countrified setting, Chettinad is that rare tourist destination you have long been craving to visit. Of the several aspects that make Chettinad an excellent tourist destination, such as the buoyant mansions, flaxen streets, colourful festivals and delectable cuisines, an important aspect that tethers itself to the cultural bequest of Chettinad is the arts an...

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