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  • Food Serving Style of Chettinad

    Chettinad is a rare tourist attraction where people go in order to experience the culture, the architectural beauty and the cuisine of the place rather than to enjoy the gifts the nature has bestowed upon it. Chettinad is, historically, a place that is not blessed with abundant natural beauty but is incredibly blessed being the land of the Chettiars, a merchant community that made fortunes through businesses and trading. With huge mansions venerated with diverse architectural styles from all over the world, the colorful and vibrant cultural heritage and an enticing cuisine, Chettinad has eve...

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  • International Influence of Chettinad Architecture

    Chettinad is the land of the Chettiars, a community of merchants, businessmen and traders and is located away from the busy hustle bustles of the cities on the Southern side of Tamil Nadu. Chettinad is a rather different sort of tourist spot that sports fewer natural elements but more cultural, artistical and architectural elements that many would expect Chettinad to unfurl.     Apart from the striking, unique cultural heritage of the Chettiars, it is the cuisine of Chettinad that makes the place an excellent experience for visitors from all over the country. While these two contri...

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