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  • The Antique Shops of Chettinad

    The town of Karaikudi is located in the hinterland of Tamil Nadu and is a three-hour ride from either Madurai or Trichy where the nearest airports are located. This town along with its surrounding dwellings makes up the Chettinad region. The Chettiars are a trading community that was initially located along the eastern port city of Poompuhar where they traded in salt with the Chola kings till the 13nth century. They then migrated inland but the reason isn’t clear; some have postulated that the relocation was due to persecution while others claim it was due to a tsunami that destroyed the po...

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  • Paavakka Maanga Kulambu Recipe

    The cuisines found in the vast country India are dependent on the culture and religion of each region. The cuisines are also dependent on the unique locally available cooking ingredients. Take the southern part of India for example, you are bound to find coconuts added in most of their dishes as these can be found growing abundantly here. Of course, there is always the aspect of outside influence bearing in on the local cuisine; this influence could be due the colonial era or to the effect of ancient trading partners who influenced the taste buds of our earlier food connoisseurs. Of course wit...

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