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  • The Chettinad Climate

    The Chettinad Climate Chettinad is a region in the heart of Tamil Nadu inhabited by about 11,000 Chettiars, spread out over two sleepy towns and 73 villages. The population was much higher in the earlier century, but due to migration to Chennai as well as other regions of south-east Asia, the population has come down. Chettinad is famous for its cuisine as well as its rich cultural heritage and outstanding architectural designs. The Chettiars were mainly merchants who traveled round quite a bit due to their profession, and the richer they were, the bigger the mansions they built back home...

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  • Delicious Sura Puttu!

    The traditional dishes of Chettinad leave an indelible mark on the mind which cannot be overcome by any other cuisine in India. The secret lies in the spices being used; they are always freshly roasted and ground for each dish making them so aromatic and tasty! Chettinad is a small town about 85 km from Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu. At least once in a lifetime, you must make it to Chettinad and try out their original cuisine. Getting there is easy; set up camp in one of the numerous hotels in either Trichy, which is 75km from Chettinad, or in Madurai, tour the numerous delightful temple...

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