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  • The Chettinad way of Life

    Chettinad is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, about 85km away from the famed temple town of Madurai. A trip to this rural destination reveals the heritage mansion homes of the Chettiars who were shrewd business men that traded in almost everything ranging from common salt to gems with countries like Burma, Singapore and Malaysia. Much of their incomes went into building grand mansions that were built during the 19nth and 20th century. However, by the mid-twentieth century, most of the Chettiars moved to the capital Chennai for better prospects and left their intricately designed man...

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  • Delicacy from Trichy – Aadi Kummayam

    The Chettinad communities from Tamil Nadu are great connoisseurs of food and their festivals as well as weddings are celebrations of gastronomical delights. A visit to this town of awesome heritage mansions gives you an insight into the traditional ways of cooking still being practiced among the Chettiars. Aadi Kummayam is a healthy and lip-smacking dessert of the Chettinad people and a must in all important functions, marriages and banquets. This dish is also served to pubertal girls along with raw egg and a teaspoon of sesame oil; it’s supposed to help in strengthening their bones, taking...

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