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  • Discover the soul of Tamil Nadu

    It would be very safe to say that the very soul of a place can be discovered only by experiencing it hands on. There are of course, innumerable ways to experience this, depending from person to person, for it could be just taking a local bus ride, visiting a traditional home or by taking part in a festival or anything that would actively involve the local participation and tradition. While you are staying with us at Chidambara Vilas, there are activities that you could involve in which would be great ways of experiencing the soul of Tamil Nadu. To begin with, you could take a guided tour o...

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  • Top 3 dishes you can have only when in Chettinad!

    The Chettinad cuisine is world renowned for its unique tastes and blends and there are indeed many dishes that you could have, only while you are in Chettinad! Here are some described, so that you’d know what to look out for when you are in the region next time. Kavuni Arusi Back in the day, this was brought in from Burma, the present Myanmar and is still popular over there. This is a true Chettinad speciality and takes prominence in the traditional Chettinad functions, especially the wedding. Though the recipe is fairly easy, it takes precise cooking to get it’s soft and smooth ...

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