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  • Traditional Food of Tamil Nadu

    Traditional Food of Tamil Nadu If there is something that Tamilians like to discuss besides cinema and politics (yea, in that order of priority), it is the food of their state. In fact, there are instances where food and politics are mixed for a heady combination of subsidized meals that have now been introduced in the state! To those ignorant about Tamil Nadu politics; the state has now announced a scheme where meals will be provided for as less as Re. 1. Although dishes like idli, dosa, sambhar and rasam are common throughout the state, it also has its share of regional influences. Some of...

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  • Historical Places in Tamil Nadu

    Historical Places in Tamil Nadu The state of Tamil Nadu is seeped in history; both ancient and modern. While some places reflect its cultural history, others reflect its religious history and yet others signify India’s freedom struggle. Here’s a list of some of the top historical places in Tamil Nadu. Tanjore Tanjore is home to the ancient cultural history of the Cholas. The Brihadeeshwara Temple built by Raja Raja Cholan over a 1000 years ago speaks volumes about the power and influence of these kings. Besides the Brihadeeshwara Temple, there’s also the Gangaikondan Choleshwarar T...

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