Food Serving Style of Chettinad

Chettinad is a rare tourist attraction where people go in order to experience the culture, the architectural beauty and the cuisine of the place rather than to enjoy the gifts the nature has bestowed upon it. Chettinad is, historically, a place that is not blessed with abundant natural beauty but is incredibly blessed being the land of the Chettiars, a merchant community that made fortunes through businesses and trading.

With huge mansions venerated with diverse architectural styles from all over the world, the colorful and vibrant cultural heritage and an enticing cuisine, Chettinad has everything that a travel wants to explore and experience at a tourist destination.

One of the most famous aspects of Chettinad is its cuisine; the alluring, colorful and spicy cuisine of Chettinad is a fabled one that many visitors ache to taste and experience.

For all those who want to go an exceptional gastronomical experience, Chettinad is the best place. Though a little hotter that many would like, the food in Chettinad does not harm your digestive system at all. With the right quality of rice, tamarind, coconut and spice, the real Chettinad food is a delicious experience that you would fall in love with, for sure.

Unlike many other countries and their cuisines, in South India, the way dishes are arranged on the plate or the banana leaf that is used to eat from is really important. Though it may not be as prevalent as it used to be, the arrangement of food on plate is an important custom. Disarrangement of food can sometimes be considered offensive to the people eating and serving, as well.

In order to experience the traditional serving style of Chettinad, you need to eat from a household and not from a restaurant. The way food is served in restaurants is not the traditional style. Apart from the serving style, the order of the food served is also an important aspect of Chettinad food serving style.

If you are going to experience a full meal from Chettinad, be prepared to be bombarded with more than fifteen types of dishes apart from the cooked rice, which is the main course. Usually, the following will comprise the normal items of a meal in Chettinad;

  • Boiled rice
  • Ghee (to flavor the rice)
  • Cooked Dhal
  • Sambar
  • Kara Kuzhambu
  • Thaneer Kuzhambu
  • Soup
  • Rasam
  • Kootu
  • Poriyal
  • Masiyal
  • Pachchadi
  • Masala curry
  • Curd
  • Appalam
  • Different types of pickles
  • Payasam (sometimes more than one variety)

Having food from a household in Chettinad is an experience and more than the taste of the food, the hospitality and courtesy of the people who cook and serve the food will stay in the minds of the people. If there is any cuisine that can not only make your stomach filled but also your heart, it undoubtedly is the Chettinad cuisine.