Top 3 dishes you can have only when in Chettinad!

On April 2, 2015

Kavuni Arusi

The Chettinad cuisine is world renowned for its unique tastes and blends and there are indeed many dishes that you could have, only while you are in Chettinad! Here are some described, so that you’d know what to look out for when you are in the region next time.

Kavuni Arusi
Back in the day, this was brought in from Burma, the present Myanmar and is still popular over there. This is a true Chettinad speciality and takes prominence in the traditional Chettinad functions, especially the wedding. Though the recipe is fairly easy, it takes precise cooking to get it’s soft and smooth texture and the locals are experts at it. There are plenty of dishes made from Kavuni Arusi ranging from sweet pongal to pancakes!

Chettinadu Mutton Kulambu
The Chettinad cuisine is well known for its non-vegetarian fare as well. ‘Kulambu’ is the Tamil word for ‘curry’ and the Mutton Kulambu of Chettinad is very unique, owing to all the spices that contribute to the dish’s flavour. The mutton, prior to cooking is marinated with spices and then slow cooked over a fire. The spice infused meat is tender enough to come off the bone easily and tastes very exotic. The gravy is so tasty that it is usually ‘polished off’ the plate by many with dosas and chappatis! Another remarkable fact is that, the Chettinad region uses authentic mutton(from sheep), unlike chevon(meat from the domestic milk goat), which is what is usually referred to as mutton in the southern states of India.

Chetinadu Nandu Rasam
The word ‘nandu’ means crab in Tamil. Chettinadu Nandu rasam is a combination sort of dish between the traditional rasam and crab. The dish is very aromatic and tastes very different from the conventional seafood dishes and is great for colds! The broth is thin and makes a great starter for multi-course meal. There is a heady aroma of garlic meets the nose even before you taste it, and of course, garlic is just great for the immune system and it seems like the Chettiars knew it for ages!

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