Recreation at the Mukkombu Dam

On April 26, 2017

There is something about the blues and greens of flowing water that attracts and soothes our minds as we gaze at its twinkling flight downstream. The large expanse of green surroundings usually found around water bodies is also another source of balm to our city-bred eyes that need a change from the concrete-walled structured life that we lead.

The Mukkombu dam, also known as the Upper Anaicut is such a source of inspiration for sore eyes. The dam is nestled on the Kollidam River at the spot where it branches out from the main Cauvery River. It’s located about 18km away from the culture-rich city of Trichy or Tiruchirappalli, the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu, a state located along the eastern coast of southern India.

The dam is about 685-meters long and was built by Sir Arthur Cotton during the 19nth century; he drew his inspiration from the worlds fourth oldest working dam, the Kallani dam (Grand Anicut) over the Cauvery river, which is believed to have been built by the Chola kings during the 2nd century.

As the Cauvery splits into two, it forms the island of Srirangam which is enclosed by the verdant green delta of Thanjavur, the ‘rice bowl’ of Tamil Nadu. It is also here, amidst so much natural beauty that the famous Sriranganathar Swamy temple is located; it’s the country’s largest temple, covering an area of about 156 acres and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. During the annual 21 day festival, over a million people visit its premises.

If you are in Trichy for a round of its magnificent temples steeped in amazing history, then it would be ideal to take a break and enjoy the peaceful environment of the dam and its surrounding lush vegetation. Commune with nature as you enjoy the acres of greenery and well-manicured parks and numerous picnic spots dotted around the area; it’s the ideal place to chill out and enjoy a well-deserved break from the vagaries of life as you drink in breath-taking views.

Memories of early childhood begin to creep in as you enjoy the expanse of wide green spaces and you contrive to gift a love for this nature to your technology-crazy kids. Water sports like boating and fishing can be enjoyed here for those in need of some action.

The purpose of building the Mukkombu dam was to provide greater amounts of water to irrigate the delta area for farming purposes; rice, sugarcane and coconuts are some of the common crops grown here. Along with the sights of rolling green fields and swaying coconut grooves, the gently blowing breeze and the music of gushing water make Mukkombu dam an ideal get-away locale for recreation and rejuvenation.