Chettinad hotel in Pudukkottai – Chidambara Vilas

On July 31, 2013

Chidambara Vilas luxury heritage hotel is located in Pudukkottai District in the midst of a typical Chettinadu rural setting. The resort that was once a grand mansion was built by T.S. Krishnappa Chettiar more than a century ago. It was recently purchased and refurbished by the Sangam Group of Hotels which manages a chain of heritage hotels in Tamil Nadu.

Chettinad mansions which were once a symbol of opulence and wealth of the Chettiar community today stand derelict and covered in a time warp. Some have acknowledged and embraced the changing times by transforming their dilapidated family mansions into charming heritage hotels.

Guests can stay at one of the 25 rooms refurbished with attention to the finest detail. Each of these rooms reflects the fine tastes and sensibilities acquired by the original owners through their visits to different countries. Intricate carvings on the Burmese wooden paneling and doors, detailed designs on Athangudi tiles, the designs of the pankhas, Belgian mirrors and chandeliers are all testimony to the luxury enjoyed by the Krishnappa Chettiar family.

Speaking of hospitality, guests at Chidambara Vilas are welcomed with a traditional garland of mallipoo (jasmine flowers) and a traditional drink made from jaggery, pepper and ginger. Once you are fresh and rid of travel weariness a staff offers to take you through a guided tour of the place to help you appreciate its beauty.

You can also experience traditional Chettinadu cuisine served on plantain leaves. Chefs at this heritage Chettinadu hotel in Pudukkottai have designed the menu by choosing the best of the cuisine and have tempered the flavor so as to suit modern sensibilities.

And to those who would like to learn about the cooking process in detail, the hotel also arranges cooking classes where chefs trained directly by the aachis reveal the intricacies of the cuisine.

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