Chettinad Plaster

On March 21, 2018

Being one of the unique tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu, Chettinad has long been attracting travellers for its impeccable mansions, beautiful temples, vivid and endearing culture and of course, the fantastical cuisine. All of these elements entwine each other in such a way that everyone visiting the place creates memories that are sure to become a part of the most cherished ones of any traveller.

Though not-so generously blessed by nature, Chettinad is ornated with everything that a traveller wants to experience during a holiday. Perhaps the time spend at Chettinad is going to be the most one-of-a-kind experience for a traveller, who wants to beat the trails that are less strolled on, will ever have.

Apart from the clan temples that speak loudly of the cultural heritage of the Chettiar community and the saporous cuisine, the most striking feature of Chettinad is the architectural affinity they exhibit. The enormous mansions built and decorated using several architectural styles and décor items are the testimonials to this.

The intricate carvings on the large wooden doors and the pillars that supported the huge mansions will definitely intrigue anyone visiting the mansions of Chettinad. Each element of the mansions of Chettinad has something to excite and thrill the visitors. Whether you visit the ‘Aayiram Jannal Veedu’ or the ‘Periya Veedu’, the mansions and its build will never disappoint you.

One of the most stunning aspects of these mansions is the shiny, glittering walls with several textures and artworks on it. It is made possible by making use of a unique and indigenous wall plaster called the Chettinad plaster.

Chettinad plaster is made by carefully mixing eggs with sea shell lime in adequate proportions depending upon the requirements. Most of the wall paintings and stuccos that can be seen on the walls of the mansions here are made possible by making use the plaster. The plaster is quite famous as it is able to provide the exceptionally softer appearance and texture than many other types of plasters available. Apart from these two features, the plaster is quite firm to protect the wall from any damages.

Chettinad wall plaster is used at the final stage in the extensive process of wall finishing. The bricks, whatever be the type used, are covered in various layers of mortar made of white lime and are plastered with the lime plaster made. The last layer that goes onto the wall of a mansion is made of the Chettinad plaster and hence, it is this plaster that gives the wall its look, feels attraction and the much-needed softness and protection to the wall.

For the people who wanted to use the walls as the canvas to express their likings, these walls were the perfect medium. As the plaster is soft, the walls made of Chettinad plaster is used to make frescos on them and this had been adopted by most people of the Chettinad region. The artworks and paintings that can be seen on these walls artfully tether aesthetical and religious sensibilities effortlessly.