The Best Time to Visit Chettinad

On March 21, 2018

Chettinad, located in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, is home to the Chettiars, an ardent business community. Being one of the central attractions of the Southern Tamil Nadu, Chettinad captivates the attention of tourists from across the world. Whether it is the alluring architectural structures, cuisine or the prosperous cultural heritage, Chettinad has its own enriched expositions to the world.

The history of Chettinad dates back to the period when the wealthy Chettiars migrated to Karaikudi. They then became the dwellers of the village with a unique affinity for building architecturally poignant houses. With carved walls, round pillars, traditional roofs, stained glass windows and reflective granite floors, Chettinad came to be known as the land of architecture; the art of beauty it carries is simply magnificent.

There also are many museums and temples that form a part of the main attractions of the place. Some of the museums are Kaviarsar Kannadhasan and Kamban Mani Mandapams; built in honour of the late poets whose names the museums adorn. The temples were built by the rulers and it was maintained by the Chettiars later. Among the famous ones are the Varaivan temple, Kandanur Sivan temple and Karpaga Vinayakar temple. Apart from this, the Chettinad artwork is famous for its Kandaangi sarees and Athangudi tiles. Though the tile making units are small, the hand-drawn designs on them are striking.

Chetinnad Cuisine - Chidambara Vilas, Tamil Nadu

Coming to the cuisine of Chettinad, it offers a variety of spicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes like Chettinad chicken, paniyaram, kozhakattai, adikoozh and athirasam etc., it is said in South India that a person must be really lucky to eat like the Chettiar does.

Chettinad would be an interesting place for all those who like to explore architecture, art and crafts as well as history. These spellbind the tourists when they make their way to Chettinad, just as they visit other destinations like Chennai, Madurai, Mahabalipuram, Tanjore and Trichy. Chettinad has also been declared as one of the official “Heritage towns” of Tamil Nadu by the government. Karaikudi is also one of the “Network of Indian Cities of Living Heritage” by UNESCO.

The visit to Chettinad is mainly influenced by several the weather and climatic conditions. Summer, in Chettinad, normally begins in the month of March and extends till June. It is very difficult to visit Chettinad during this season as the temperature might rise up to 40 degree Celsius. The sweltering temperature makes it unbearable to be outside for long. The rainy season arrives in the month of June and stretches until September. The fluctuating temperature ranges from 27 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius. Visiting Chettinad in this damp weather is gruelling.

Winter is the unbeaten period to travel to the city of Chettinad. The season starts in the month of December. The weather is extremely pleasant to go around and visit temples and palaces. The visitors also arrange their trips during the winter so that they can attend the festivals and cultural events being held in the city.

Chettinad is a must visit place in Tamil Nadu. One can enjoy the essence of the trip to Chettinad. If you haven’t visited the place, it is always better to be late than never.