Antiques Shopping in Karaikudi

On May 15, 2018

Located in the Southern Tamil Nadu, Karaikudi is a small town in the Chettinad region which is famed for its stunning mansions, cuisine and affinity towards art and craft. The region that eluded visitors for a long time has seen a rise in the number of people visiting the place to witness the magnificent buildings, cultural heritage and wooden works along with the region’s obsession for diverse architectural styles.

Karaikudi Antiques Shopping - Chidambara Vilas

While everything here attracts visitors, the antique shopping in Karaikudi will undoubtedly take you on a rare shopping experience and adventure that you least expect from a place like this.

One of the major aspects that attract visitors to Karaikudi is the antique shopping options the place bestows upon the visitors. The main reason behind the place offering such massive antique shopping option is the sheer number of vacant mansions that occupy these regions. The place is dotted with numerous expansive mansions, most of which are unoccupied. The owners of these mansions do not stay there and are migrated to other parts of the country and other countries such as Ceylon, Burma and Malaysia.

The owners of these houses find it extremely difficult to meet the huge money needed to look after these massive mansions, most of which have rooms ranging from at least thirty to forty in numbers. Most of these houses have been assigned to caretakers. Some of these mansions are in ruins while some others are leased out as heritage hotels. There are other houses given for film shooting, as well. Most of these mansions are easy prey for merchants who run the business of selling antique items. Most of the items found in these houses are decades old and are in great demand by people who obsess themselves over such antique furniture and items. There are 17 antique shops on the streets of the Muneesvaran Kovil, and the shops offer some of the best and most strikingly crafted items for a good bargain.

Though there are several antique shops in major cities, there is no guarantee that the items sold there are genuine. However, the case is entirely different at the antique shops of Karaikudi, as one can find a wide array of original pieces ranging from invaluable Ravi Varma paintings, oil lamps from Australia, hand painted English and Japanese tiles, Belgian glass, Swedish enamel jars, original and rare Tanjore paintings and Burmese lacquerware along with a myriad of exceptional furniture made of Burmese teak.

Another advantage of buying antique pieces from these shops is that there is always a chance for a good bargain due to the stiff competition among these shops that want to sell their items. If you are prepared to buy some of the most exceptionally designed and crafted furniture and other antique items, be prepared to be amazed at Karaikudi. The journey along the streets visiting these shops here is an experience in itself. Most of the sellers here have huge warehouses located a few kilometres from their outlets to make the transactions all the more comfortable and easier. Some sellers have been selling these for over 40 years.

For an art lover, seeing these rare crafts and pieces of art lying gathering dust might be a heartbreaking view to behold. However, they can find solace thinking that they are waiting for their rightful owners at the shops rather than desolating in those humongous houses cast onto the creepy shades.