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  • Keezhadi Excavation Site

    The Keezhadi village in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu has been witnessing a deluge of curious tourists wanting to be a part of ancient history. The Archeological Society of India has been involved in explorative excavations at 293 sites along the Vaigai River’s banks since 2013. Over 5,300 artifacts have been unearthed pointing to an ancient civilization during the Sangam era that flourished along the river’s banks between 6th BCE and 1st century CE. Some of the recovered artifacts include plain and decorated earthen pots of different sizes, inscribed ceramic shells, bones of agricultu...

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  • Traditional Sweets of Tamil Nadu

    When it comes to food from Tamil Nadu, it’s the hot dosas and idlis with lip-smacking sambhars that come to mind. However there is so much more to the cuisine including the savory pongals, mutton parottas and Chettinad chicken preparations, the earthy curries rich with curry leaves and coconut milk and of course, the unforgettable sweets. The decadent desserts of Tamil Nadu are unique and wholesome. Most are healthy preparations that don’t use too much sugar and include healthy proteins like chickpeas and green gram. Here’s a look at some of the yummy traditional sweets of Tamil Nadu. Pa...

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