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  • Athangudi Mansion

    Located around 70km from Trichy in Tamil Nadu, is the Chettinad region comprising of a cluster 76 villages and towns. The largest of these is Karaikudi which is a major educational and tourism hub today. The village of Athangudi is nearby, with around 2,000 inhabitants. This village is famous for its unmatched hand-made Athangudi tiles which have become a trademark of the village. Most of the families here are involved in the production of these durable and eco-friendly tiles made in traditional ornate patterns. Another feature for which Athangudi, and indeed the rest of Chettinad region is ...

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  • Tamil Poet Kambar

    The southern state of Tamil Nadu is steeped in culture and religion with Hinduism being the predominant religion here. The state is covered with an unending array of temples dedicated to numerous deities, with many of the temples holding historical and mythological significance. It is also where the medieval Tamil poet Kambar lived around CE 1180-1250. Popularly known by other names including Kamban, he is said to have authored the Ramavataram, the Tamil version of the Ramayana. It was first recited by Kambar in the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy temple on Srirangam Island in Trichy. During his...

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