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  • Kamban Mani Mandapam

    The medieval Mahakavi Kamban is one of the few people honored to have a monument named after them. He was a famous Tamil poet who lived circa 1180-1250 AD in Tamil Nadu. Though belonging to a high caste family of priests, he grew up in a wealthy farmer’s home. Being a learned scholar of ancient languages such as Sanskrit and Tamil, Kamban gained fame after writing the Tamil version of the Ramayana epic. Known as the ‘Kamba Ramayana’, it is believed to be one of the greatest epics in the Tamil language, having more than 10,000 poetic songs and is composed of 45,000 lines. He has made a f...

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  • Chettinad-Style Interior Decoration

    The Chettinad region comprises of 74 villages located close to Trichy in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. While the flavorsome cuisine of the Chettinad region is famous all over the country, the Chettinad style of architecture and interior decoration is spellbinding as well.The landowning Nattukottai Chettiars who lived here in the last century were merchants who traveled far and wide in search of commerce. With the wealth they earned, they bought things of great beauty and used them in the huge mansions that they built back home. These mansions were built on a luxurious scale from anywhere ...

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