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  • Temples of Chettinad – Nagarathars

    The Nagarathars are a part of the Chettiar community located in Chettinad with a rich history going back to the medieval era during the reign of the Chola dynasty. They are famous for their business acumen and traveled far to the south-east Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Java and Vietnam in search of commerce. The community is renowned for its legendary hospitality and is considered as the pioneer of the modern banking system in practice today. They are believed to have introduced words like debit, credit, profit and loss, expenditure and trial bala...

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  • Athmanathaswamy Temple

    The Chettinad region in the Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu boasts of several significant Shiva temples. Known for its sculptural beauty in granite, the 10th century Athmanathaswamy temple is a popular tourist destination. This Shiva temple is located on the scenic banks of the Kaveri River and is just 24km away from Trichy city. There is a myth that worshipping at this temple can cure those with mental illness, hence many mentally challenged people are brought here. There is even a mental asylum built nearby and run by a trust. The temple has a large shrine for Manickavasagar, a great sa...

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