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  • Chettinad Palace

    Chettinad is a region located in the Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu. It once consisted of 94 vibrant villages, but that number has now dwindled down to 75. The Nattukottai Chettiars who lived in this region belonged to a business and banking community; they generated their wealth by trading with the south-eastern nations. With the wealth they amassed, they built massive mansions. They brought back materials of great beauty and included them in the building of their palatial homes. It would be no surprise to find exquisitely carved Burmese teak pillars lining the inner courtyards or stained...

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  • Pillaiyarpatti Temple

      The Pillaiyarpatti temple is located in the township of Pillaiyarpatti and is also known as Karpaka Vinayakar temple. Unknown to many, it’s one of the oldest rock-cut cave temples in Tamil Nadu. Located between Pudukottai and Karaikkudi towns in the Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu, the town is named after Ganesha – with ‘Pillayar’ meaning Ganesha in Tamil. The word ‘Vinayakar’ here also means ‘incomparable leader’. He is also known as the Lord of wisdom. He is believed to have fulfilled the prayers of his devotee, the ‘Karpakam’ tree, hence he is known as Karpaka ...

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