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  • Reasons to Visit Mahabalipuram

    For travel enthusiasts, Mahabalipuram makes the ideal destination as there is something here to interest every kind of tourist. The best part of this temple town is that it is relatively untouched by the vulgarity of commercialization and still retains its pure cultural heritage. The town is located about 60km away from the bustling city of Chennai, on the Bay of Bengal and makes an ideal weekend getaway for residents of the capital city. Mahabalipuram is located in the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu and is well connected by a network of roads as well as by rail. The serene ambience, anci...

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  • Brahadambal Temple

    Pudukkottai district is home to many ancient monuments, many of which are temples of unbelievable beauty. The Brahadambal temple is one such gem and is located in Thirukokarnam, a small town that is about 5km away from Pudukkottai city in Tamil Nadu. This temple is known by various other names including Kokarneswarar, Gokarneswarar and Thirugokarnam temple.The uniqueness of this rock-cut temple lies in its being one of the oldest temples in south India dating back to the 7th century AD. It is believed to have been built by the Pallava dynasty King Mahendravarma 1 and is still functional today...

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