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  • Chettinad Plaster

    Being one of the unique tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu, Chettinad has long been attracting travellers for its impeccable mansions, beautiful temples, vivid and endearing culture and of course, the fantastical cuisine. All of these elements entwine each other in such a way that everyone visiting the place creates memories that are sure to become a part of the most cherished ones of any traveller. Though not-so generously blessed by nature, Chettinad is ornated with everything that a traveller wants to experience during a holiday. Perhaps the time spend at Chettinad is going to be the most ...

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  • The Best Time to Visit Chettinad

    Chettinad, located in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, is home to the Chettiars, an ardent business community. Being one of the central attractions of the Southern Tamil Nadu, Chettinad captivates the attention of tourists from across the world. Whether it is the alluring architectural structures, cuisine or the prosperous cultural heritage, Chettinad has its own enriched expositions to the world. The history of Chettinad dates back to the period when the wealthy Chettiars migrated to Karaikudi. They then became the dwellers of the village with a unique affinity for building architectura...

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