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  • Distinctive Features of Chettinad Houses

    One of the most striking aspects of Chettinad is its exceptionally gigantic, architecturally brilliant and intricately crafted houses that amuse the visitors. Unlike traditional houses in Tamil Nadu, the mansions here are unique, rare and endemic only to this particular region of Tamil Nadu and the community of Chettiars. What makes the houses Chettinad a rare object of beauty is a myriad of features that are obviously tethered to all the houses that can be seen in Chettinad. The architecture of the Chettiar houses is perhaps the most stunning and awe-inspiring of all. The houses of the Chett...

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  • Festivals of Chettinad

    Chettinad may not be the opulent region it once used to be, but it still has garbs aplenty to make every visitor want to come back over and over again. Chettinad is the land of merchants, traders and moneylenders who made their fortune through banking and business. A wide plethora of things interests travellers in Chettinad from its gigantic mansions, art and crafts, clan temples and savory cuisine. Chettinad also has a culture that is unlike anything else you might see elsewhere in Tamil Nadu. Though it is evident that the culture of Chettinad is reminiscent of Tamil Nadu’s, there is much ...

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