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  • Sevvai Perum Thiruvizha of Chettinad

    The home turf of the business community of Chettiars, Chettinad is a village town in the Sivaganga District of Southern Tamil Nadu and is famous for the grand mansions that adorn diverse architectural styles, unique and colorful culture and heritage, arid streets and its insatiable affinity towards craft and art. Along with all these, the temple of the Community, the Clan Temples, make an exceptional part of the lives of the people live here. Though most of the people from the community have moved away from Chettinad to other adjacent cities and other countries, festivals of Chettinad are one...

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  • Village and Countryside of Chettinad

    In all its history and splendor, Chettinad is a quintessential South Indian village located snugly between the cities of Madurai and Trichy. Being the ancestral city of Nattukottai Chettiars, who were a respectable community of bankers and traders, Chettinad has all the charm and rustic feel of a city that stays comfortably away from the buzzing cities of the modern South India and its unrelenting hustle bustles.Chettinad is in every way the perfect ancient village that everyone wants to spend some time visiting. It has a clearly distinguishable culture, several beautiful temples, unique mans...

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