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  • The Temples of Karaikudi

    Karaikudi is a quaint heritage town in the Chettinad area of the Sivaganga district of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is famous for its magnificent limestone mansions and derives its name from the thorny ‘karai’ plant that grows there; it was established in the nineteenth century and the oldest structure existing there today is the Koppudaiya Nayagi Amman temple. Karaikudi is the bastion of the famous Chettinad culture, its mouth-watering cuisine and the captivating magnificent mansions with their gleaming egg white and lime painted walls. The community here is mainly business-orie...

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  • The Gods of Chettinad

    If one were to describe Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, it would be aptly called the land of endless number of awe-inspiring temples with such amazing history attached to each one of them. Even as the numbers of Gods in Hindu mythology are numerous, so are the numbers of temples dedicated to them. Some gods have numerous forms and go by multiple names; others have amazing vehicles or mounts like the tiger for Durga, peacock for Laxmi and the bull for Shiva.We live in a universe that is awfully vast and deeply humbling when we truly realize what it represents. So are the amazing gods in...

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