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  • Karaikudi: A Major Place for Heritage Tourism in Tamil Nadu

    Not until a few years ago, Rajasthan showed us how to truly promote and market heritage tourism. Its success story was soon emulated by other states including Tamil Nadu. Heritage has always been an attracting force in Tamil Nadu. Its countless temples, dance forms, cuisine, festivals have been unique and mesmerizing. And none other than Karaikudi holds the crown for heritage tourism in Tamil Nadu. In fact, this quaint little town is now declared to be a ‘Heritage Town’ by the Government of India. Palatial homes, sumptuous cuisine, intricate wood carvings, are some of things that make th...

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  • Places to See and Visit in Pudukkottai

    Pudukkottai was once a princely state under the reign of the Thondaimans, until it merged with India in 1948. Even before the Thondaimans, it is believed that the district witnessed the rule of several dynasties including Cholas, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Naickers, and Pandyas. Each of these rulers made several contributions to the state’s landscape. They built temples and forts; many of which are a major tourist attraction for curious heritage tourists. Some of the places to see in Pudukkottai include: a) Sri Kokaraneshwara Temple: This temple is believed to be built by Maharaja Mahendravarma o...

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